Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let’s talk cancer


Heart disease kills more women than cancer.  Cancer is the #2 killer of women, all ages, but breast cancer isn't the #1 killer cancer-- lung cancer is (unless you're Hispanic).

Now, looking at a breakdown by ages, one can see that accidental injury is a much bigger killer than cancer from birth through age 34.  35-74 is prone to cancer deaths, but then, post 74, you're looking at heart disease.

You are significantly more likely to die of cancer if you're a man than a woman.  Lung cancer is the number one killer for them, as well, with prostate #2.  Both rates are higher than the #1 and #2 rates for women.  But we don't see guys displaying ribbons everywhere for prostate cancer.

So helping people quit smoking and keep their hearts healthier would keep more people-- male and female-- living longer.  But I guess it's easier to tie pink ribbons around everything and plaster the word "boobies" everywhere in the name of girl power.

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